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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: April 02, 2024

Do you ship outside of Canada?

We only ship products within the provinces and territories of Canada.

I cannot get the parcel to my location as I am out of town. What’s the best option for me?

Check with the post office in your location to confirm if they allow packages to be sent in c/o. If they do, you can use their address as your shipping address. However, please send us an email to inform us about this decision.

Will I need to sign for my parcel?

All products are shipped with a signature required for both FedEx and Canada Post. This is important to ensure your product is delivered to your hands or anyone available at your home upon delivery. But you can waive the required signature at your own risk.

My package shows “delivered” but I haven’t received my order, will I get a new one?

Sorry, if the tracking shows the parcel has reached your destination, it means someone has received it. If it wasn’t you, then you may need to double-check with anyone present at your home on the delivery date. BUT, we won’t ship a new one. The best we can do is help you create a service ticket with Canada Post. You can send us an email if you’re in this situation.

I didn’t receive a copy after placing an order. What’s wrong?

Check your junk folder, sometimes, the email may drop there. Ensure you mark as NOT JUNK if you find it. But if you do not get any email, then perhaps you entered an incorrect email address. You can contact our support with your order info.

Do you test your products?

All our raw ingredients and finished products are third-party tested to guarantee safety and quality control. You get exactly what you see on the label. We do every product 100% as advertised.

Can I ask questions on product usage?

Yes, we are always happy to support our customers and answer any questions. We have premium customer service with guaranteed satisfaction always.

My package did not arrive on the expected delivery date. What do I do?

We always ship products promptly, but sometimes, courier services may delay delivery. If you do not receive your product(s) 1-2 days after the delivery date, please endeavor to reach out to us and we shall help you trace your order with the mail courier service providers, and ensure it gets delivered to you as fast as possible.

My package is sent to the wrong destination?

If while tracking, you find that your package is heading to the wrong destination, it may be caused by human error at the mail courier office. This happens occasionally as some postal employees enter the wrong postal code in the system, which may cause a routing error. You can reach out to us and we shall forward the observations to the mail courier office.

How do I contact the Sexual Enhancement Team?

You can always reach us by clicking our contact page and sending us a direct message. Our customer service is topnotch and we respond swiftly to every query or complaint.  We guarantee maximum satisfaction.