The 2 Week Diet Review – Myth or Fact?

Many fitness programs, diet plans, magic pills and gizmos are introduced in the market that promise rapid weight loss. Every day, something “bigger and better” comes out and people switch to them at lightning speed only to feel disappointed in the end. But that is the thing. They are designed to keep you disappointed so that you keep coming back to them. If they revealed the true secrets to rapid weight loss easily, how will their revenue flourish?

Talking about these programs, another one has created quite a buzz and hype these days: the 2 Week Diet. As the name indicates, it is a program designed to help you lose up to 16 pounds in just 14 days. Sound tricky and dubious, right? You are not to be blamed. With the number of diet plans and products available in the market, it is fair to feel suspicious and reluctant to use a new one. However, it might not be the case with the one we are talking about right now.

The 2 Week Diet has received a lot of praise from people who gave it a try and met with the results they were promised. Not only this, but it also helped them prevent the fat they lost from coming back, which many other plans and products don’t guarantee.

What makes this plan worthy of even giving a review or try? Once you reach the end of this article, you will find out whether the data that helped create this review is based on solid facts or just myths.

What Is the 2 Week Diet?

The name might give you a lot of thoughts. Some will be positive and some negative, but a whole lot will be questions. How can a program help you lose 16 pounds in 14 days? Will it be tough? Will it make me starve? Will I be able to go through it? These will be the kinds of thoughts that may swim in your head.

When the word diet comes into picture, the first thought that pops with it is weight gain. Weight gain and obesity are world’s leading causes of major health issues (such as heart diseases, joint pains and hypertension). There are multiple factors that nurture this problem, the most highlighted being the sedentary lifestyle and fast-paced schedule of most people.

Our society is filled with junk and processed food. It might seem reasonable to grab a sweet bread and coffee on your way to work or it might seem favorable to feed your family less expensive, starchy fast food instead of thoroughly cooked meat and veggies which not only consume time but also turn out to be very expensive. However, in this hurry, you completely ignore the damage you are doing to your health and body. By the time you realize it, it’s already too late and you find your only solution in the programs and medicines that are sold to you in the name of rapid weight loss.

The 2 Week Diet has been designed by Brian Flatt, a renowned gym trainer and nutritionist. He is the owner of R.E.V. Fitness in California and is sought out by celebrities. The 2 Week Diet is the next step in his previous work, ‘3 Week Diet.’ Flatt helps review fitness and health books. While doing so, he was able to learn a lot about diets and weight loss and created a novel idea of effective weight loss that was straight to the point.


Why Should You Consider It?

Let’s admit it; the idea of starting a diet seems really easy. You select a plan and day, and you get on with it. Nobody likes to be overweight and obese. It is not something a person will choose for themselves personally. However, in reality, it’s challenging for most people. The restrictions, changes and strict schedule you have to follow are not as easy as they might have seemed in the commercial.

The real challenge begins when you have to stick to the schedule. You will stay with it for one week or two weeks maximum. Then, you will lose motivation or the plan will be too much for you. In the end, you will not be able to reach anywhere.

All those strenuous hours spent at the gym, eating small portions of food and switching from one magic pill to the other and in the end, the drop is just a pound or two over the span of months. As a result, many people lose the will to bring a positive change in their life and have come to terms with their overweight and obese bodies. They feel frustrated but cannot figure out how to sort this mess.

It can be quite disheartening, but this is not something to feel frustrated about. We have indulged so much in a fast-paced life that we want everything to happen instantly. People don’t pay attention when they are gaining weight, but when it comes to losing it, they want it to happen overnight which can result in some major health issues.

They want to lose those 4 inches from their waist and trim down that belly and hips to fit in that dress to show off in the upcoming event, but nothing works right for them because they don’t know the right option. This is where the 2 Week Diet comes in.

The 2 Week Diet is an e-book containing four handbooks that will guide you in losing excess fat in two weeks. It is not something that will make you lose 100 pounds in a matter of days, but it can definitely prove to be life-changing.

It is a program that focuses on two main points: diet and exercise. This program can help anyone who wants to lose weight and improve their health.

What Is Different About the 2 Week Diet?

Most fitness programs have only one intention: help reduce weight but for a specific period. Furthermore, they are hard to follow and stick with. A person either loses motivation or doesn’t have the stomach to go all the way. The 2 Week Diet is completely different to what we might call a retro-diet.

It comes with four different handbooks, each one segueing into the next one with the knowledge that you need to have about the food you eat. Like mentioned before, the 2 Week Diet focuses on diet and exercise the most.

The sequence of this e-book is as follows:

  1. Launch Handbook
  2. Diet Handbook
  3. Activity Handbook
  4. Motivation Handbook

2 week diet complet weight loss guide


The titles itself seems catchy because there are not many guides out there that provide you complete knowledge about the essentials and basics before indulging in a plan.

The Launch Handbook

Like the name suggests, it is the introductory book that will give you a tour through the creator’s experience and knowledge and how he ended up creating the plan. It will tell you about:

  • How weight is gained
  • How it can be lost
  • What causes this process
  • What food you should be eating
  • What food you should be avoiding
  • How different kinds of food affect metabolism
  • What role exercise plays
  • What essential elements you need to take
  • How important is the intake of protein
  • Why you need to avoid fats and carbohydrates
  • How supplements benefit you
  • The importance of water
  • How our metabolism is affected by the food we eat

These are just a few points mentioned in the first part of the book. The interesting and novel thing about the Launch Handbook is the amount of detailed information and accuracy it holds. Where many nutritionists and fitness gurus will repeat selected slogans, this diet program breaks down every little information and explains it thoroughly so that you know what your body deals with when you feed it without paying attention to the pros and cons.

The Diet Handbook

This part covers the basics of everything. It tells you how different foods are broken down in your body and how they help accelerate your metabolism, which is the ultimate key to weight loss. When you know what food is good for you and how much and when you need to eat, you can ultimately reach the results you always aimed for.

Another positive fact about this handbook is the food. Every recommended food is suggested according to your body requirements. It gives a detailed description about how each human body is different from the other and how different foods will have different effects on them. With this knowledge, every person can choose a diet from this handbook that suits them best.

Plus, the foods mentioned are not hard to find. They can be easily obtained from your local store. They are healthy, tasty, nutritional, rich in proteins and fat-free. You will realize that you will follow the diet eagerly like never before.

It also tells you about how metabolism works and how it differs from person to person. The key to successive weight loss is keeping up with your body’s metabolism. That’s what this handbook tells you along with what kinds of food you should eat. It provides basic knowledge about how fat affects the metabolism, its role in weight gain, and how it is broken down.

aliments for the 2 week diet


In short, you can eat as much as you want as long as your body is burning off the food you consume. You don’t have to run toward a gym to achieve this task. The activity part of the 2 Week Diet will provide you with enough basics to get the task done without wearing yourself out.

The Activity Handbook

This is the third part of the 2 Week Diet. Eating healthy is a must, but keeping the body in shape is the cherry on top. Many people reviewing the 2 Week Diet said that the activity part was more than enough for them to lose the desired number of pounds.

The exercises recommended in the handbook are not tough. You don’t need to join a gym or make adjustments for them in your busy schedule. You just need 20 minutes every 3-4 days.

This part puts great emphasis on avoiding straining and stressing your body. You should do what you can do easily without injuring your body. Exercise is supplementary to a proper diet and according to the 2 Week Diet, just the right moves are sufficient to boost the task.

The Motivation Handbook

The last and most important part that is essential for any task we might want to achieve is motivation. It is unique in its own way. We all know that unless the mind, heart and soul are set on something, that task is nearly unachievable.

Weight loss is about mentality as much as it’s about what you eat and how you move. Unless you feel motivated and determined, you won’t see it happening. This is the sole reason why many fitness and diet plans fail. They lack the basic element of motivation to keep the person going. The 2 Week Diet puts great emphasis on this part. Whenever you feel your motivation faltering and you are on the verge of giving up, turn to this part of the book to get back on track.

This part of the 2 Week Diet can come handy in every aspect. You don’t only need it to keep your diet on track. You can also use it to keep yourself positive and motivated in general as well.

With these four handbooks, you will be not only fueling your system but feeding your brain with knowledge as well, which will come handy in every aspect of your life.

Should You Choose the 2 Week Diet?

The answer to this question is very simple and easy: yes. The 2 Week Diet is perfect for everyone. It is for those who want to lose some extra pounds as well as those who are already fit. It is another way to live a healthy life.

You can expect to see the results quickly after starting the program and seeing how it has become one of the most sought-after solutions to rapid weight loss, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, there will be many reviews with picture proof to help you reach a concrete decision about choosing it.

While other programs do provide the promised results as well, they lack a guarantee to keep the lost fat from coming back. With the 2 Week Diet, the reverse happens. This program is designed in a way that it will become a habit and once a habit is developed, it becomes a lifestyle. If you aim to live a healthy life and ensure that you fit in your favorite clothes for a party that is coming up in two weeks, this program is perfect for you. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, it will make sure you stay on the healthy path.

Payment Security for the book

The payment system used for this product is ClickBank. In terms of safe, online transactions, this system is on the same level as other online systems like Amazon. Its reputation is great when it comes to refunding as well. Thus, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can always ask for your money back with no extra hassle. The usual price of the 2 Week Diet is $97.

Before you decide to buy it, stop for a moment and think carefully. This program will prove to be effective in every way, but your decision should not be based on the fact that it’s going well for others. You need to be committed to it. You are not only purchasing this program; you are making a long-term investment in your life, happiness and health.

Myth or Fact?

After careful study of the program itself and reviewing the positive feedback that people left for it, it is safe to say that this plan indeed works. We have come across many programs that capture onlookers because of the flashy lies they sell. They damage a person mentally and physically instead of helping and healing. Why? Because they are nothing but a sham and meant to fill the pockets of the creators and increase their revenue.

The 2 Week Diet is different in this way. It is based purely and entirely on facts that can be tallied and confirmed. It tells what you exactly need to know about your body before you start a plan to change it in a way that is helpful, not hurtful.

Brian Flatt made sure you will receive all the resources necessary for rapid weight loss. Not only is it easy to understand and very thorough, but it also shows the creator’s knowledge gained through years of experience. However, the doubt still remains because he is not doing it for free. He is receiving money and a whole lot of it.

What you need to understand is that you will be getting your money’s worth. The tips and information provided can be invaluable, depending on how you utilize them and for how long. Most programs don’t provide guidelines that can help you ensure a healthy weight once the program has ended. When it comes to the 2 Week Diet, this is not something to be worried about. The four handbooks will help you keep your body in shape and keep the lost weight from coming back.

Another fact that supports its authenticity is that losing 16 pounds in two weeks is possible. Unlike other diet plans that take weeks and months, it takes only two weeks to show effective results without tiring you out.

  • You lose weight evenly on your entire body
  • The plan can be understood easily
  • It is suitable for all age groups
  • Consistent weight loss over 14 days
  • Comes with four handbooks that help you throughout
  • A lot of positive reviews from those who have used it
  • It is easily accessible in PDF form
  • Comes with 60-day money-back guarantee

  • It doesn’t have audio and visual guides
  • The effects of weight loss may vary according to your fat amount and body type
  • The amount of information provided may appear unwanted for some people
  • Every step mentioned in the e-book needs to be followed to attain the desired results


At the end of the day, losing 16 pounds in mere 14 days may seem extreme and might not be recommendable for everyone. However, if you really want to achieve it, you can get it done. It all comes down to your determination. No plan, no matter how elaborate, easy and fool-proof, cannot work unless you have the resolve.

Extremely fast weight loss can be achieved safely if the plan you are following is designed with the right principles. Remember that a weight loss diet doesn’t have to be complicated. If your diet is lacking in fats and rich in proteins and you are eating at the right time and with the right amount, you will make weight loss happen.

A lot of people admire Brian for creating the 2 Week Diet. However, there still remains a few people who found his ways to weight loss extreme and disapprove them. Like mentioned before, the plan may not be suitable for everyone, but the number of happy customers is high. There is no doubt you would like to feel healthier and happier than sluggish and cranky, to have more energy and wake up fresh, and to feel cellulite-free instead of dull and wrinkly. However, if you are not willing to commit, you cannot expect any change to happen.

It will never be a walk in the park, but based on all the proof and results of the 2 Week Diet, it is safe to say that it does not pose any risk. If you have 14 days and want to become healthier, it is worth a try.

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